Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream

Brilliance & Shine

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NORMAL (150mL)

Diese fantastische Creme ist ein luxuriöser neuartiger Conditioner ohne Ausspülen, der auch trockenstes Haar nährt, Frizz beruhigt, Glanz gibt und dem Haar unglaubliche Geschmeidigkeit verleiht. Speziell formuliert für feines bis mittel-starkes und besonders langes Haar.

  • Bietet Pflege mit Hitzeschutz
  • Glättet Spliss und wirkt gegen Frizz
  • Ohne Ausspülen für hohen Glanz, die die Feuchtigkeitsbalance im Haar ausgleicht


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In das feuchte Haar einarbeiten. Föhnen oder an der Luft trocknen. Im Laufe des Tages auf losen Härchen anwenden.

Shiny hair


Oribe Signature Complex

Wassermelone, Litschi und Edelweiss schützen das Haar vor oxidativem Stress, sonnenbedingten Anzeichen der Alterung und dem Abbau natürlichen Keratins, während sie gleichzeitig vor den austrocknenden, schädigenden und die Farbe ausbleichenden Effekten der Elemente schützen.


bekannt als reich an Vitamin A und C, verbessert die natürliche Farbe und Glanz.

Hitzeaktiviertes Protein

hat Anti-Frizz-Eigenschaften, ohne zu beschweren.

Pflanzliches Protein

hilft dem Haar, die Feuchtigkeit einzuschließen, um es vor den austrocknenden und schädigenden Einflüssen der Elemente und dem Hitzestyling zu schützen, während es gleichzeitig für hohen Glanz und verbesserte Kämmbarkeit sorgt.


macht das Haar weich und stärkt von der Wurzel bis zu den Spitzen.


hat antioxidative, pflegende und stärkende Eigenschaften.

supershine light moisturizing cream

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Hair saver

Ive been using this product for over 2 years now. This makes my hair SOO soft and shiny! I have thick fine hair for preference. I would 100% recommend this to my friends and family

Heaven sent!

My hair has never looked as shiny as it does when I use this product. Its actually insane how good this product is. Its a leave in conditioner and heat protectant- what more could you need?! A little goes a long way too. I wish they had a mini of this product! All time favorite! The light version is great for finer and longer hair types.

love this hair cream!

this product is great! it has a lovely signature oribe scent which is luxurious and not overpowering. the texture is similar to a hand lotion. this cream is very multifaceted. its great for putting on damp or dry hair. ive found that on damp hair it can be used as a sort of curl cream if you have wavy/curly hair to scrunch your curls and give them a bit more hold while hydrating. it also helps detangle wet hair. on dry hair, i use it to tame any frizz and moisturize my lengths/ends. it adds a lot of shine and softness. while this is more pricey than other moisturizing products, you only need a dime/nickel sized amount to make a difference. the bottle will last you a long time, especially if you have finer hair.

C Seal
Cant live without!

I have tried everything out there to help with keeping my hair healthy, shiny, damage free, etc etc etc. I about gave up until a couple years ago my hairdresser used this on me. Oh My GOODNESS!!!! Amazing!!! I cant imagine my life without. It is the one product I keep several stocked at all times in our home. Seriously! My son and daughter use everyday. We always get compliments on how beautiful and shiny our hair is. If you havent tried .you need to. I promise you will never go a day without. I do hope they will create the travel size of the Supershine Light soonwould be perfect to throw in our bags.

Diamond shine!!!!

Omg guys I dont know how you did this product but its absolutely amazing! My hair shine like 1000 diamonds! After applying I have just an amazing smell and absolutely no weight down! Detangles as well! worth each penny absolutely in love !