Shampoo for Moisture & Control

Moisture & Control

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NORMAL (250mL)

Sanft reinigen und gleichzeitig pflegen. Lockiges und coily Haar erhält sofort Feuchtigkeit und wird geschmeidig, glatt und genährt. Lockentyp: 2-4.

  • Ein pflegenders Shampoo, was intensive Feuchtigkeit spendet
  • Hinterlässt die Haare geschmeidig und glänzend
  • Verbessert die Umgänglichkeit bei Locken, coily und kräftigem Haar

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Aufschäumen, genießen, ausspülen.

Shiny hair


Oribe Signature Complex

Wassermelone, Litschi und Edelweiss schützen das Haar vor oxidativem Stress, sonnenbedingten Anzeichen der Alterung und dem Abbau natürlichen Keratins, während sie gleichzeitig vor den austrocknenden, schädigenden und die Farbe ausbleichenden Effekten der Elemente schützen.


den Proteinen in der Haarrinde sehr ähnlich, spendet Feuchtigkeit für Haare und Kopfhaut, stärkt und repariert Schäden der Schuppenschicht.


schützt vor den austrocknenden, schädigenden und die Farbe ausbleichenden Auswirkungen der Elemente und der Sonne.


hat antioxidative, pflegende und stärkende Eigenschaften.


sorgt für Glanz, Pflege und hat entwirrende und antistatische Eigenschaften.

Das Microemulsion Smoothing System

bietet Geschmeidigkeit, Handhabbarkeit und Feuchtigkeit, indem es die Schuppenschicht versiegelt, für intensive Pflege.

shampoo for moisture control

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Saved my curls

This shampoo does wonders when I switch to anything else I immediately noticed the difference! Worth every penny.

Ultimate solution to infuse moisture

Amazing product! I've used other product lines from Oribe as well, they have all been great! However, for my curly black hair which tends to get dry and frizzy at times, this is the ultimate solution to infuse moisture. I use the shampoo, conditioner and butter; I'd like to try the deep moisture hair mask.

Best. Shampoo. Ever.

When I say that this shampoo / conditioner combo has changed my life... I am not exaggerating. I have struggled with a flakey, dry scalp my entire life and have tried just about everything under the sun... and then I finally bit the bullet and invested in this line and it is SO WORTH IT! I haven't had a flake in months and only have to wash my hair once / twice a week. I have fine, curly hair and live in Colorado where there's zero moisture in the air. This duo has made my hair so soft, it never gets greasy, and my scalp is finally nourished! I would absolutely recommend this product. Also- you literally have to use a dime sized amount so it'll last you for a good while! Worth the investment!

For lustrous, healthy hair at age 70+

My hair is thick and coarse with a lot of grey hair, and Ive been coloring and highlighting it for years, going from dark brown to light blond. At one point it got so dry and brittle that I had to carefully nurse it back to health. Then in another year, it also started falling out and became very thin. Ive been using this Oribe Moisture & Control Shampoo as well as the masque and many other Oribe products. My hair is once again thick and lustrous. I order several of everything I need during the once-a-year sale. It gets pricey, but it saves me money in the long run. Even though Im 71, people always compliment my hair because it doesnt look like old-lady dry, thin hair.

Amazing shampoo for curlies!

This is an amazing shampoo for curly/coily hair. I have a mix of both textures, and my main concern is frizz. A little goes a long way and the effects are cumulative. With every use, the improvement in shine, manageability, softness and dryness are undeniable. Can't be without it.