Straight Away Smoothing Blowout Cream

Moisture & Control

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NORMAL (150mL)

Diese kraftvolle perfektionierende Creme schützt vor Hitzeschäden und Luftfeuchtigkeit für besonders geschmeidige Haare, die trotzdem voller Bewegung sind. Föhnfrisuren gehen schneller, werden umgänglicher und halten wunderbar lang. Für all jene mit lockigen Haaren, die glatte Haare möchten. Lockentyp: 2-4.

  • Macht das Haar geschmeidig und gibt gleichzeitig Volumen und Spannkraft
  • Bietet Hitzeschutz bis 232°C
  • Transformiert kräftiges, lockiges Haar in langwährende, glatte Frisuren
  • Kontrolliert Frizz und lose Härchen
  • Föhnfrisuren sind einfacher und umgänglicher

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Passé für Passé in das nasse Haar auftragen dann seidig glatt föhnen. Ein Glätteisen sorgt für den Hauch Perfektion.


Oribe Signature Complex

Wassermelone, Litschi und Edelweiss schützen das Haar vor oxidativem Stress, sonnenbedingten Anzeichen der Alterung und dem Abbau natürlichen Keratins, während sie gleichzeitig vor den austrocknenden, schädigenden und die Farbe ausbleichenden Effekten der Elemente schützen.

Straightening Copolymer Blend

glättet das Haar, während es Luftfeuchtigkeit und Frizz bekämpft.

Hitzeaktiviertes Protein

stärkt und bietet Schutz vor den schädlichen und austrocknenden Effekten von Hitzestyling.

Große Königskerze

reich an den Vitaminen B1, B5 and B12, sorgt für weiches und umgängliches Haar, repariert Spliss und erhöht den Glanz.

Hydrolysierte Quinoa

stärkt und schützt das Haar vor Haarbruch, während sie gleichzeitig Fülle und Volumen gibt.


eine tropische Pflanze aus Peru, nährt das Haar und spendet Antioxidantien.

Customer Reviews

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Love this for my frizzy, curly hair

This cream straightened my very tight and stubborn curls effortlessly and it lasted. My hair was not poufy or weighed down. Totally balanced. I really wanted to straighten my hair but didnt want to put the chemicals in my system that the treatments contain! So Im so happy with the results and this purchase!

Miracle strengthener
No need to have a keratin treatment anymore

This works amazingly for me! I have thinning, frizzy, wavy/curly hair that I straighten frequently with a hot iron. This helps me to get it super straight.

It has an interesting texture and almost feels like craft glue! It has a light fruity scent. Would repurchase!

Amazing Reverting Solution

Let me just start by saying that few products make me desire to leave a review. I live doing missionary work in a developing country in the Caribbean where the heat and humidity is beyond extreme practically every day of the year. I have completely natural 3B\3C hair. Since I personally enjoy wearing my hair straight, it has been a constant struggle, because no matter what kind of products I use after blow drying and flat ironing it ALWAYS reverts (sometimes even minutes afterwards). BUT I decided to give this cream a shot. I really didnt expect any kind of miracle, but it truly is. I section my hair to blow dry it and apply this cream section by section I blow dry all of my hair, and then I flat iron it. The results are AMAZING!!! My hair, which is absolutely impossible to control in this humidity no matter how hard I try actually stays 70 to 90% straight. There is about a noticeable 10% to 20% reversion but it is so minimal that my hair looks completely different. People who have known me here for over a decade say OOhhh your hair is shinier! OOOh, it looks like you just came back from United States (the land of LOW HUMIDITY ??)! Needless to say this is a 10 out of 10. I have been doing my own hair for over 30 years and nothing outperforms nor even comes close to this cream. Just as a reference theses are what Ive tried before without the kind of success Oribe has given me - Kerastace discipline keratine thermique blow dry primer, Kerastace olo relax advanced hair oil, its a 10 miracle leave in conditioner, Paul Mitchell super skinny serum, Chi 44 iron guard, Chi silk infusion. Needless to say, I highly recommend this product to all curly girls who would like to enjoy their hair straight. I will say also that you will need to flat iron your hair to enjoy the longevity of your straight style if you live in an extremely humid climate like I do. If I was back in the states where there is very low humidity I would only need to blow dry my hair to achieve the results I like. This is my honest unsponsored review and I hope it helps??.

Leaves my hair impeccably smooth

Oribe Straight Away Smoothing Blowout Cream is the best straightening cream I've found. It doesn't leave my hair feeling heavy with product, but it leaves my hair impeccaby smooth following a blow-out.

LOVE this product!!

Delighted by how much this doesnt weigh down my hair. I have fine hair, but a lot of it. This product is made for thicker curly hair but the sample of it that I got made me fall in love. I have many other Oribe products and now I need to buy the full size of this, too! Their products are so effective. This makes my blowout look smooth, shiny, and no frizz. I love it.