Dry Texturizing Spray


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Voluminöses, schönes und besonders glamouröses Haar. Dieses unsichtbare trockene Haarspray sorgt für unglaubliches Volumen und eine luxuriöse Textur. Zeolithkristalle absorbieren Öl an den Ansätzen und hinterlassen das Haar tagelang (und nächtelang) wie frisch gestylt.

  • Ein revolutionäres (unsichtbares) Trockenspray für unglaubliches Volumen
  • Absorbiert Öl am Ansatz ohne pulverige Rückstände, um die Zeit zwischen den Haarwäschen zu verlängern
  • Sorgt für rau-schicke Textur und Volumen

Versand in 1-3 Werktagen

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Schütteln. Dort aufsprühen, wo Sie Volumen wünschen. Stylen Sie Ihr Haar bis zum gewünschten Finish und Halt.

Um das Sicherheitssiegel bei der ersten Anwendung zu brechen, die Kappe abnehmen, den Daumen auf die Rückseite des Applikators legen und fest drücken, bis es hörbar klickt.


Oribe Signature Complex

Wassermelone, Litschi und Edelweiss schützen das Haar vor oxidativem Stress, sonnenbedingten Anzeichen der Alterung und dem Abbau natürlichen Keratins, während sie gleichzeitig vor den austrocknenden, schädigenden und die Farbe ausbleichenden Effekten der Elemente schützen.


macht das Haar weich und stärkt von der Wurzel bis zu den Spitzen.


bietet unglaublichen Glanz und Farbschutz.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
A must have and will 100% purchase another bottle!

This product was genuinely amazing! This was a free product I received for my honest review. I used it weekly for a month, and it gave life to dirty and made fresh hair even better! This stuff smells divine, and I feel like a million bucks with it. I really dont know how I can return to my old dry shampoo/texturizing spray. I wouldnt say this replaces dry shampoo, but I havent needed it since using this.

Ditch the dry shampoo & hairspray!

I received this product for free from Influenster and Oribe in exchange for my honest review.

This product is amazing and I love it! The packaging of this product is elegant and sleek. The spray is fragranced but smells quite nice and is not overbearing. It gives luxurious classic perfume vibes.

This product works best when you apply it at the roots. It gives a great amount of volume. When the product is applied at the roots it also acts as a dry shampoo by absorbing oils and eliminating odors. If you are using this product you can certainly ditch the dry shampoo. Unlike dry shampoo, this spray does not leave any residue on your hair, but, it will make your hair look matte (not shiny). The spray is transparent and remains transparent throughout wear. Be warned that a little goes a long way with this product. If too much spray is used the hair can feel dry and stiff which will make the hair lack movement. If you have fine and or greasy hair you will love this product! I have both fine and greasy hair and my hair absorbed the product making it look refreshed. If you dont have fine and or greasy hair you can use this product starting on day 3 after a hair wash.

The Oribe Dry Texturing Spray is a high quality product, 10 out of 10 would recommend and will certainly be repurchasing.

Works Wonders

This dry texturizing spray works great! I love that it can be used instead of a dry shampoo and also adds some texture to my hair so I can style it at the same time. The product smells good and leaves my hair looking better and does not leave it crusty feeling or have a powdery look to it. Super easy to use and love how it volumizes my fine hair!

Best no wash day!

I used this to add more volume when I blew dry my hair and it was still a bit flat. I normally have oily hair with a fine follicle so I normally have to wash my hair every morning. But after usimg this spray for the initial volumizing purpose (which was great!) it also helped my hair be less oily the morning after. I've never been able to have a no wash day and still go out not looking like a grease ball. I'll deffinitly use this again after I run out!

Love the texture and volume!!

I received this product for free from Influenster and Oribe in exchange for my honest review.
First, it smells great. As someone whos highly sensitive to different smells, it is a clean scent that isnt so strong throughout the day. When I first spray I do hold my breath because I dont want to breathe it in since it comes out quick. After curling my hair, I flip my head forward and spray all over from about 8 inches away. Then flip my head back upright in a quick motion and the difference is incredible! I LOVE the texture it gives my hair. I used to see photos with gorgeous big wave and curled and wondered how can I get mine to look like that. I wish I found this sooner in life because it gives beautiful texture, volume, and my hairstyle lasts longer than without it. Thank you for sending me this product. Ive already shared it with my mom who also has flat hair and said how beautiful my tousled curls were. I even took a nap after about 6 hours and my hair looked great when I woke up and hour later but I decided to spray a bit more after waking up. This actually helped revive my style by adding more volume without making my hair look oily or weighed down. I do feel the crystallines did absorb my natural hair oils because my hair didnt get oily and flat like it normally does.