Balmessence Lip Treatment


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Smooth and soften lips with this nurturing lip treatment. Our long-lasting silkening balm, infused with lemon and mint essential oils, delivers soothing hydration while protecting lips from dryness and the elements.

  • Softens and smoothes
  • Soothes dry, chapped lips
  • Protects against damage from the elements
  • Locks in moisture to protect from dryness

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Lemon and Mint Essential Oils

Energize and rejuvenate.

Chamomile Flower Oil

Moisturizes, replenishes and protects lips from dryness and damage.

Vitamin E

Instantly soothes and hydrates dry, dehydrated lips.

Shea Butter

Deeply moisturizes leaving lips soft and supple.

Jojoba Oil

Rich in essential fatty acids, it locks in moisture and leaves lips feeling soft and smooth while helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

balmessence lip treatment

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